Everything You Need to Know and More About Lane Splitter Helmets

09 Jun

The helmet is an important accessory that every motorcycle rider must wear. There are different types and brands of helmets that one can use. This short article will focus more on lane splitter helmets. Click here for more information about this particular helmet.

Basically, a lane splitter helmet comes with an aggressive style. It is often used by tough motorcycle riders. From splitting lanes to hanging wheelies, this type of motorcycle helmet is meant to outlast them all and protect you. The lane splitter comes with an ABS outer shell. Its inner shell also comes with a shock-absorbing EPS for protection. Despite its intimidating experience, it is a very lightweight and comfortable helmet to wear. Its interior padding, chin bar, and cheek pads are all hand-stitched. This full-face helmet offers excellent ventilation with its vents in the chin bar. You can also find an outlet in the back portion to allow air to escape. Lane splitter helmets have a clear shield that can open quickly and then close securely offering clear optics. This helmet also allows putting a communication system inside with the help of its mesh pockets found in the ear recesses.

If you have a Harley Davidson, a lane splitter helmet completes your look and is the perfect motorcycle helmet that you are looking for. It is used by both professionals and regular motorcycle riders. It is also popularly used among stuntmen. These people often prefer their helmets to have full-face protection and aggressive styling, and this particular motorcycle helmet just meets all of these criteria. Lane splitter helmets have undergone extreme crash and battle testing before they are sold. Moreover, they are meant to hold the abuse that riders put on them.

When it comes to lane splitter helmets, you have different color options, helmet shield hardware options, and multiple shield options to choose from. In short, you can customize your very own lane splitter helmet to your personal style and preferences as much as you please. Get the best harley davidson parts and accessories or buy quality heatwave glasses.

Other features of lane splitter helmets include an ABS outer shell that is injected-molded and has a hand-painted finish. Their inner shell is made of expanded polystyrene. They have a removal brushed Lycra liner that is specifically hand-sewn. In contrast, their padding is made of diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam. As mentioned, they have audio pockets present in the ear recesses of the helmet. Finally, these helmets meet ECE and DOT safety standards.

With all of these amazing features in a motorcycle helmet, what more can you ask for? If you are interested in buying these helmets, click here for more info. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/seven-motorcycle-safety-myths_n_9518206.

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